Calculus provides comprehensive services in the credit sector of a financial institution, by achieving the improvement of the organization, the structure and functionality and the increase of revenues by the simultaneous reduction of the expected risk.

Through the overview of the credit processes, the credit criteria, the credit structure, the approval authorities, the application processes and the application form, we provide clear and comprehensive recommendations for optimization, always compatible to the needs of your financial organization.

Through the use of the latest statistical tools, we provide the development of contemporary risk models, their validation and integration to comprehensive solutions for the optimization of credit procedures methodologies.

Calculus provides solutions through integrated strategies for the optimum management of the non-performing loans. As the volume of the portfolio increases and thus non performing loans multiply, empirical approaches are not sufficient for efficient management. In Calculus, we provide comprehensive management services and are able to develop successful collections strategies, through the use of advanced statistical tools.

Through specialized analysis, we develop specific strategies aiming at the increase of recoveries, cost reduction, operational optimization and improved customer management based on the valuable information obtained in the collections phase.

In the context of procedures' optimization, contained in the life cycle of credit products, Calculus provides the overview of services and proceeds with specific recommendations per phase, so that the financial institution can adopt best practices that will ensure functionality in structure, effective processes, reduction in operational cost and revenue growth.

Professionals at Calculus provide specialized consulting services so as to adopt the optimum solution for the entire life & risk management of the credit products, from the product planning up to the legal procedures of the non-performing loans.

Unprecedented regulatory changes and demands are challenging global banks’ path to growth and profitability. If your goal is to manage risk, ensure compliance with new rules, improve operating models or raise capital, then we can help you adapt to the new rules of the road so that your organization can reach its full potential.