The statistical language R is a valuable tool for data management and data analysis that includes new modern methodologies.

The fact that R is an open source language where anyone can contribute through the development of libraries has led to a rapid growth rate. At the same time, R offers high-quality and state of the art graphics, making it an important visualization tool.

Calculus, through a series of teaching seminars, offers an introduction to R, basic and advanced statistical concepts and methodologies, and thus offers ways to use R for statistical analysis for real data having applications as well as modern problems management of data that appear in practice. The seminars will give the opportunity to the trainee to acquire an experience in data analysis using R.

R - Seminar modules:

  • Introduction to the R language
  • Basic structures
  • Basic operations
  • Basic functions
  • Use of repeat commands
  • Use of libraries

In the course, we will repeat some basic chapters of statistical analysis that we will use in R, such as:

  • Basic statistical concepts
  • Statistical methods
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Linear Regression
  • Data visualization
  • Case studies

The specific training can be adapted to client’s needs, so as to emphasize on specific topics that the client believes that will be of more value to him.