The experienced team of Calculus conducts credit re-evaluations and is responsible for monitoring behavior. We handle data, analytics and tools that are used to evaluate lifelong strategy decisions. The implementation of strategies can be made through the usage of a core system.

One of the best practices that our team uses in order to achieve better results is a continuous optimization of strategy through champion-challenger testing.

Investing in a campaign management solution is a big decision that creates many questions. If your business is considering implementing a campaign management solution to drive its cross-channel marketing strategy, there is much research to be done about which solution will best fit your needs and deliver optimal results.

We can help you to evaluate what tool is going to work best for you and your marketing needs.

Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Cross sell and up sell are often used interchangeably, both offer distinct benefits and can be effective in parallel. Cross-selling and Up-selling focus on providing additional value to customers, instead of limiting them to already-encountered products.

Calculus team will guide you how to successfully uncover the full set of buyer needs, cross-sell and upsell your company’s capabilities, and significantly grow your accounts. A way to do so is through the use of Response Score

The key to success in both is to truly understand your customers’ needs and then responding with products and corresponding features that truly meet those needs.

If you want to gain the trust of your customers, you need to keep in mind what your customers expect from you. When a product or a service responds to customer values, each interaction becomes a moment of profitability for your business and in parallel creates a sense of commitment to the customers. People prefer to work with a company that matches their personal values.

Calculus team will help you through various techniques to understand what you can do to increase the dedication of existing customers. A way to increase Customer Loyalty is through the use of Attrition Score .

Most companies are used to spending more money to attract new customers because they see it as a quick and effective way to increase business revenue. In reality, however, maintaining existing customers is a more sustainable business model and is the key to the company's sustainable growth. Customer retention is often faster and costs up to seven times less than customer acquisition.

In Calculus you will find out, that by using specific strategy retention, selling to existing customers is a more effective way to increase your revenue. A way to maintain existing customers is through the use of Attrition Score .

Having an efficient Sales Department is important, as it increases profitability for organizations by actively affecting the quality of the portfolio. A successful sales strategy can increase sales. A sales strategy always answers the questions "what for?" or "what if?”.

Our specialized consultants bring knowledge and practical expertise in helping you to apply sales strategies, such as to observe market conditions and customer behavior, to execute defined process optimization projects and to develop and deliver a Sales Management Retreat that drives a higher level of adoption for newly optimized processes.

We can help you both for the existing and new customers, be developing Strategies for all sales (cross-up) and retention channels.