The widespread use of mobile phones combined with a large range of products offered by telecommunications companies make the adoption of functional activities in combination with the use of statistical tools necessary for an effective customer management.

In Calculus, we provide contemporary management tools and offer high quality services so as to increase your company's competitiveness and profitability. Technical and consulting support is provided for the improvement of the offered services during the debt collection process.

Specific tools are developed so as to accurately measure and predict the effectiveness of marketing activities as well as that of collections procedures.

In Calculus, we provide comprehensive debt management solutions for the telecommunications sector. The efficient organization of the collections department’s operational structure, along with the use of suitable tools contributes in the optimum management.

By using modern models of customers' evaluation (behavior score), we provide telecommunications companies with accurate risk calculating tools. The former can be used for the development of targeted strategies to reduce collections costs, increase receivables and at the same time strengthen the company's reputation and its customers' relationship.

As the number of client’s increases, the use of accurate tools to measure risk becomes necessary in the telecommunications industry. In Calculus, we offer solutions and recommendations for the reduction of the underwriting risk and increase of revenues.