Through the use of advanced analytics tools, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for the Credit & Risk Management. Whether you need to expand your organization, create new products, reengineer your processes or automate the credit, marketing or collection process, we can help you design the best possible strategy with the final aim to minimize risk and maximize profit.

We provide a full range of consultancy services and analyses and offer advice & recommendations to financial institutions in all areas of the Credit & Risk Management.

Having the knowledge of how important credit origination is, Calculus provides organizations with proven and comprehensive solutions. A specially designed set of procedures is proposed for each organization. For faster and more effective results, we first need to take into account the organization's needs and then use the data analytic tools correctly in order to properly assess credit strategy decisions.

Our team helps to evaluate and integrate systems, data and processes in your organization's existing infrastructure.

Collection procedures include the general measures taken to recover the debts of late payers. On the other hand, the recovery of a debt happens after it has been written-off from your company’s accounts.

Calculus has already cooperated with Debt Collection Agencies, Telecoms, Banks, Energy & Utility Companies and Retail & Consumer Goods. Based on our experience, we can provide to your organization solutions made by experts and tailored to your needs to maximize the collected amount and minimize recoveries. The achievement of the above mentioned goals, take place with the correct collection strategies and thought the use of predictive analytics such as Collections and Recovery Score.

Calculus can provide MIS Implementation and Reporting for scoring, account maintenance & portfolio performance and forecasting. MIS is used for the Credit & Risk Management, from credit origination to collections, as well as for monitoring performance of an account through segmentation based on NLP rates, flow rates, write-off and recovery, volume trends and activity per product.

Due to the increase of NPL and NPE, banks are in the process of selling bad debt portfolios. In this case, the interested investment companies, have to examine the specific Loan portfolios, in order to evaluate the acquiring price. Calculus can provide portfolio evaluation to the investment companies.

Data of the specific portfolio with qualitative and quantitative characteristics are given in order for the evaluation to take place. Portfolio analysis is made to group loans with homogenous characteristics, in order to receive the same treatment (secured / unsecured, retail / corporate, etc).

Taking into account some characteristics, f.e. loan age, past payments, etc, based on statistical analysis, we can make predictions for future payments, in order to be able to evaluate the specific portfolio. Some assumptions for the statistical analysis such as payback years, are always discussed with the client and a couple of scenarios are evaluated in order to have an overall estimation of the portfolio.